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Spend your time doing the things you do best. Let Dave’s Bookkeeping and Tax Service LLC handle your tax compliance requirements efficiently and effectively.

Our Ethics

We want you to sign and file your tax returns without an ounce of lingering concern.  For that, you need to have complete confidence in your tax preparer’s ethics.  Many professionals assume their ethics need not be stated, however we feel an explicit statement regarding our ethics in tax preparation is warranted. 

  • Our goal is to legitimately minimize our clients’ tax liability over the long term. 

  • We will never encourage our client to overstate expenses, underreport income, or take an illegitimate or unsupported tax position.

  • We do not fear audits; we want to prevail in them. 

  • We will not take a tax position contrary to our client’s best interest solely to reduce the risk of an audit.  (Some legitimate tax positions or deductions increase the taxpayers risk of being selected for audit.)

  • We will always file the return in such a manner to minimize the client’s risk of an audit, provided it is not contrary to the client’s interest to do so.

  • Occasionally, where supported by relevant court cases with circumstances similar to those of our client, we may recommend a position contrary to a stated IRS position, or one not clearly defined by IRS regulation.  In such a circumstance our client would be carefully informed of the potential risk of the tax position being challenged in audit, and the potential financial impact to the client should the position be reversed.

With careful planning and research, we can legitimately minimize our clients’ tax obligations over the long term, and everyone will sleep easier.


  • Individuals, Corporations (C & S), LLCs, partnerships,  and sole proprietors.


✓ Fast, efficient, personal service,
✓ Electronic filing included,
✓ All returns prepared by certified professionals (Certified Public Accountants and Enrolled Agents)
✓ Secure electronic document sharing for long distance clients.